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White Oud

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The White Oud Oil Blend exudes a very delicate and subtle opening that turns into a spicy and warm heart.

The soft opening gently fuses into a dash of spiciness with florals. The softness of sandalwood, vetiver, damascus rose and patchouli offer an elegant depth over precious amber. White Oud Oil Blend presents delicateness to the wearer in which it's aroma is soft yet enriching.

White Oud Oil Blend gives a soft touch of floral from the immaculate Damscus rose and a spicy effect from the Pacthouli.


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Red Roses
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Mixed Flora
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Notes: damascus rose, saffron,agarwood, cardamom, jasmine, patchouli, sandalwood, amber, vetiver, vanilla and labdanum
More Information
Blend Type Premium Blends
Fragrance Form Fragrance Oil
User Type (M, W, U) Unisex
Oil Color Light Gold
Fragrance Notes Floral Oriental
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