Royal Gold Solid Perfume

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Royal Gold solid perfume is a luxurious and exotic mixture of unique spice and Agarwood.
It touches the heart of everyone who appreciates diligence in quality and enjoys the concept of blending contemporary western notes with traditional oriental perfumery.

Royal Gold solid perfume opens with a citrusy combination of Bergamot and Lemon that stimulate soulful exchanges with the subtleness of Saffron enriched with a dive of Agarwood.

Both sandalwood and musk leave a signature of woody and spicy aura that vibrates with vanilla and amber to throw a royal redolence when the scent dries down. Royal Gold is prepared to be appreciated by women and men who like the aroma of precious agarwood in its oriental melody, yet, complemented by fresh and invigorating European notes.

Royal Gold solid fragrance will always make you feel exceptional and luxurious, it is suitable for both day and night use, all year long


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Exotic Spices
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Mixed Flora

  • Long lasting on the body and great to use after a bath and all occasions.
  • Made with natural carriers like Jojoba and fractionated Coconut oil.
  • Solidified with natural Beeswax and Shea butter.
  • Include vitamin E as a natural antioxidant.
More Information
Solid Perfume Amount 1 oz.
User Type (M, W, U) Unisex
Fragrance Notes Oriental, Oud
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