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Dewan Musk

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Dewan Musk is an outstanding aroma for men introduced by Amir Oud. Dewan is an Arabic word that signifies the place for social gatherings in olden traditional times, in which makes the musk a reflection of the ancient aromas. Al Dewan Musk is classified as an oriental vanilla fragrance that is infused with exotic spices and a floral mixture. This combination became a graceful scent from the components musk and amber.


Exotic Spices Image
Exotic Spices
Mixed Flora Image
Mixed Flora
Vanilla Image
Musk Image

Top Notes: Lemon, Foliage, Galbanum, Exotic Spices

Middle Notes: Jasmine, Lavender, Rose, Cinnamon

Base Notes: Amber, Musk, Vanilla

More Information
Blend Type Musk & Amber Blends
Fragrance Form Fragrance Oil
User Type (M, W, U) Unisex
Oil Color Light Gold
Fragrance Notes Floral Oriental
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