Flora - Nature's Beauty

Flora - Nature's Beauty

"The flower is
the stem’s cry of beauty
to the universe."
-Vassilis Comporozos

Flora is a collection of floral notes known for their exclusive and unique scent. Flora consists of a combination of many different flowers in a scent which are like an extravagant bouquet of flowers, giving a beautiful and overwhelmingly feminine impression, without any one particular flower being allowed to dominate. Florals are known to be charmingly simple with a signature quality, that transports people to a place that’s optimistic and beautiful. The scent of florals gives a romantic, lingering finish that is irresistibly feminine.

Florals have been a key ingredient in the formation of perfumery. Ever since ancient times, people wanted their rooms and surroundings to be fragrant, therefore, they bathed in fresh flowers or put up fresh flowers in their rooms. People of ancient civilizations have even put flowers in their hair, shoulders or instead have put dried flowers and barks of trees, or and leaves in their cupboards. Florals are categorized into a few floral ‘sub-families’ where they are grouped with flowers that share similar characteristics, scents, or genetic embodiment.

To begin with, the fruity flowers are an incredibly popular floral family that are a combination of fruits and florals. The scent of fruity florals give a burst of free energy and symbolize free-spiritedness. The juicy fruits that are combined with florals are known to be peaches, raspberries, mangos, pears, and apples which – add a luscious sweetness to fresh cut or fresh flowers.

Floral musks are another family. The combination of flowers and sensual musk create elements that are soft, sweet and velvety. The musk that is combined with florals is divided into two categories: white musks which deliver a clean scent, and the strong, and velvety animalistic musks.

One of the popular floral families, citrusy florals, are florals that are often combined with citrus notes to make lighter, and fresher florals. This subgroup is sometimes called floral-fresh because the flowers linger around for long on the skin. Citrusy florals are the perfect ‘summertime’ fragrance.

Lastly, the white flowers sub-group deliver some of the most romantic scents in perfumery: lilies, jasmine, ylang-ylang, lily of the valley. A combination of multiple white flowers in a fragrance creates the ‘white floral’ group. The scent of white florals is feminine, pretty, often sophisticated and elegant.

Floral essential oil is obtained by distillation from the flower spikes. The oil is of premium quality is produced by the Distillation process that usually takes place in small local distilleries yielding around 100 t of oil yearly. This oil is used in fresh, sweet and floral fragrances. (add oud)

Additionally, Floral fragrances are characterized by their sweetness and lusciousness, therefore, they can be worn for all occasions such as formal meetings, weddings, and celebrations. Floral wearers have a strong sense of femininity and are admired for their down-to-earth charisma, which is reflected in their style. The floral-scent wearer's personality is relaxed, good-natured and lively. (add optimism, happiness, emotional)

Interestingly, two of the most famous floral notes are jasmine and rose which have traditionally been found at the heart of almost every floral fragrance creation. They form the foundation of most perfumes today. Thus, those flowers illuminate a fragrance’s overall scent but linger beneath the surface of other families, rose and jasmine are often added to tie all the bases in a fragrance together.

At first, one of the most prominent flowers in the floral families, Jasmine, is a floral note that is joined with culture in the forms of spirituality, tradition, and medicine. Jasmine is described as a flower of happiness. A person who wears jasmine infused perfume desires joy, cheerfulness, and kindness.

Another impeccable floral is Lavender, a flowering plant native to the mountainous zones of the Mediterranean. Lavender floral note is widely used in the production of perfumes and body-care products. It has a sharp distinctive aroma that is aromatic and clean.

A close relative to Lavender, is the Lilac, a clean and intimate floral scent with nuances of both honey pollen and jasmine-like freshness. The Lilac is loved and adored everywhere for its wonderful fragrance, lovely colors, and purity. It symbolizes love across many cultures also, it is associated with Easter because it blooms around the time of its celebration.

Followed by another prominent flower, Roses, which are one of the most beautiful and praised flowers on earth. Rose, is known as the "queen of flowers".

Amir Oud’s (bold) floral fragrances contain two exotic species of roses. The first is Turkish rose, which is a type of rose breed that are cultivated on the mountainous Turkish region. They are known for their magnificent floral aroma that is simple and feminine. Moreover, Damask rose is a rose species that is native to the ancient city of Damascus. Known for its rich dark red color, the damask rose carries a sharp, and pungent floral scent that is distinguishable.

Amir Oud offers an exquisite and delicate range of floral fragrances that are refreshing with the scent of a fresh bouquet of flowers and soothing citrus fruits. There are also florals that are warmed with the notes of musk and amber.

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