How to Use Solid Perfume

How to Use Solid Perfume

We all have wonderful memories that are brought up due to ascent.  The smell of wildflowers in the spring, the ocean, or maybe fresh cut grass can make your rush back to a wonderful memory you have of sitting on grandma's porch chatting about the past.  Memories are tied to all kinds of different scents.  People have been using perfumes and scents for centuries. We have even found them in the tombs of ancient Egypt.  However, how we use various scents and how we come up with them has changed.  Long ago the musk that we wore was that of a musk animal.  However, most of our scents today are derived from chemicals or essential oils.

Many of us have a scent that we like to wear.  Wearing a scent that isn't overpowering and demands that you smell it can be very intriguing.  Getting that hint of scent coming from your hair or wrists can leave a lasting impression on someone.  We typically apply these types of scents with spraying a mist into the air and weaving into it.  Or maybe you generously spray it all over, which, by the way, is giving off to many scents and can be offensive to some.  But, we have a solution.  We have worked our scents into solid perfumes.

Easier to use Perfume

A solid perfume means that it is in a solid form.  It is not in the normal liquid agarwood or oud that you spray on.  This makes it easier to use and less messy as well.  It allows you to have better control over how much perfume you put on and where you put it.  Oftentimes people like this solid form as it can give you a hint of the scent of the agarwood or oud without being overpowering.  You can apply it in your hair or behind your ears.  This solid form is comparable to lip balm.  It is a combination of wax and oils that solidify.  Once it is solidified, to apply, you will simply have to press your warm finger into the solid perfume.  This will warm up the wax and transfer it to your fingertip.  You can then dab it wherever you'd like or run your fingers through your hair.

While you can apply it just about anywhere, you should mess around with where to apply it for the best results.  Try putting some on your ankles in the summertime when you are wearing open footwear.

Perfume balms are great for many reasons.  They are much more moisturizing than simple perfume agarwood or oud sprays so they are wonderful for dry skin as well.  Try putting some on your clothing.  Did you know that clothing holds scents longer than your skin?  Yes, if you put it on your clothing, the scent will last longer.  While putting it on your skin, it will be absorbed.  You can even put some on a piece of cardboard and put it under your car seat.  This will give off a nice scent for your car.  You can put some balm on a sash and stash it in your drawers.  This solid perfume is perfect for all kinds of occasions.

A selection of Amir Oud’s famous line of oud perfumes is now also available in solid form. You can now experience indulgent scents while on the go.

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