The Psychology of Scent

The Psychology of Scent

Even though not every human is born the same way, it is safe to say that a majority are born with five senses intact, ready to give them all the information that can be gathered from the environment around them.

As humans, we have made it our business to dress for the senses. We dress in the softest most premium material that our money can give to us. These feel quite soft to the touch, a good character for that sense. We dress sharp to ensure the people around us can see what kind of style we are dealing with. The smart dressing is to please the sense of sight to the people who are observing us.

The sense of taste and hearing wouldn’t matter much in this case. The clothes and shoes you are wearing aren’t really edible, neither are the ruffling they make any pleasing to the ear. We do, however, target the other sense quite a lot. The sense of smell has the potential to make or break whatever outfit you are wearing, or whatever mood you are trying to set.

A Primal Sense

This is the main reason why people have turned to perfume ever since the dawn of civilization. The scents that one wears are great at conjuring different feelings in the people who come across such scents. Some scents are great at evoking nostalgia in the people who come across them. The scent that you come across isn’t really processed in your nose. It’s your brain that will alert you to what kind of scent it is you are smelling. If there are any associations you have had with that smell before, your brain will make that connection. This, in turn, will end up triggering a memory. It is from this point that someone will decide whether they actually like a scent, or they hate it.

This is the exact process that someone will go through when they come across a scent that they have experienced before. It is how someone will associate a certain smell to their partner. If their relationship is good, the scent would be something good for them. If their relationship was terrible, you can expect a negative reaction from that person.

But this is just one part of what a person will decide is to their liking. The other is just personal preference. There are people who are immediately turned off by dark and musky smells. These same people can be brought into animation whenever they come across a whiff of lemon.

Unless you are already a connoisseur of perfumes, you many never really get a particular scent that you love, or one that you decide to stick to. The process of finding one that you love is absolutely easy though. You just have to understand how, and what the scents are made of. A fragrance wheel should be the place where you start. Like the circle of fifths to musicians, this wheel can be used to teach fragrances to those who are interested, and even help people find something that they like. If you are up for it, you could even innovate something of your own.

Selection Made Easy

We have made it easy for those new to the world of perfumery to find the scent that is perfect for them. We have curated some of our most popular scents into our perfume samples for men and perfume samples for women. Each kit represents some of the most popular scents for either gender. For men, we have the Imperial Oud, Oud Divinity, Royal Gold, Malaki Oud, and the Prestige Oud. For women, the kit contains Her Majesty, Arabian Rose, Oud Sultana, Secret Love, and the ever popular White Bloom. We are confident that among the five expertly selected scents that are contained in each kit is the perfect scent for you.

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