Reasons Why You Should Wear Perfume

Reasons Why You Should Wear Perfume

It’s not just enough to say that you want to make a statement. It is the things that you do that determine what kind of statement you are making. Being someone who oozes class and substance means you have to invest in quite a few things.

The first, of course, are the clothes that you put on. The second, and a great accentuator to the threads you have on, are your accessories. Carefully matching these can make for a powerful image. They would work great on photos, but in person meeting will definitely need something else; perfumes.

The perfume is what frosting is to cake. The cake may be delicious but it’s the frosting that gives it character. Here are a few reasons why you should wear perfume.

It Is Great for First Impressions

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but it’s the sense of smell that gives the onlooker the complete picture of what’s going on in front of them. People will get hungry from smelling barbeque yet they haven’t seen it. Similarly, the perfume you put on will make a statement on your behalf.

If you are looking to make a great statement on an important meeting, ensure you put on a great fragrance. The fragrance will communicate to the people around you that you pay great attention to whatever you put your mind to.

Helps Boost Your Confidence

It is not every day that you will wake up thinking and feeling confident. Sometimes even the coffee you have in the morning just doesn’t do the trick. This can be very disastrous if you are going for an important meeting, but what to do?

A great fragrance will give you the confidence boost that you need. This confidence will be great at helping you tackle any meeting you will be facing that day, whether it be investors, partners or others.  For this, Amir Oud's very own Imperial Oud perfectly fits the bill. Its classic scent of leather and jasmine will see to it that you can tackle on life's everyday challenges.

Aromatherapy Effect

It is quite common to find homeowners burning oud to blanket rooms in a sweet smell. The end goal of this is to create an atmosphere where one could put down their worries of the day and just sit back and relax. Similarly, the fragrances that have been used in perfume have such an effect on people.

The moment you walk into a tense meeting, your perfume will be the one to put everyone at ease. This will allow you to deliver your pitch, or your defense to a roomful of people who are relaxed, and therefore more receptive to what you have to offer.


Every famous person is known for certain things that they do. Mandela’s speech was unique to him, and so was Kenneth Kaunda and his suits that sparked a fashion trend all over Africa. Similarly, the fragrance you put on will be a signature that’s unique to you.

Every time someone walks into a room where you have just been, the lingering fragrance in the air will serve as a reminder of the style and substance that you are known for.

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