Steps to Applying Oud

Steps to Applying Oud

Oud oil bottles are designed just for the purpose of applying Oud. It is made from glass and sealed with a thin plastic stick. It is then closed with a circular cover. The plastic stick is not squeezable, rather simply a stick that is soaked with oil.

Nowadays, Oud bottles come in different shapes and styles, but what is universal is the design of the stick that you use to apply oud oils with.

Applying Oud also has its own special steps.

  1. It’s not advisable to apply oud on the palm of your hand because that particular part touches everything, which can cause staining on things and clothes.

  2. Oud is usually applied in places with a pulse. On the wrists, sides of the neck, and behind the ears. These places are warm and the heat activates the scent to last longer.

  1. When applying, gently swipe the stick across, making a line. You can rub the oil using your index finger to spread it around the area.

  1. Since Oud oil can wear off, the best timing to apply Oud is directly before an event. Perhaps in your car, before you leave.

People will be amazed by your unique fragrance, while the scent lingers through the air for quite some time. Leaving you and everyone around you want to smell more!

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