What Does Arabic Perfume Have, That Western Scents Do Not?

What Does Arabic Perfume Have, That Western Scents Do Not?

If you live in the US or Europe most people know about what we call Western perfume.  These perfumes are different from what we find in Arabic perfumes.  We find this strange, especially in parts of Europe that are neighbors to the Arabic world.  However, it is perfectly true.  

Most people don't know there is a difference, and yes, there is a difference.  However, in earlier years it was hard to purchase these scents outside of the Arabic countries.  As more and more immigrants spread out across the world, the need for Arabic scents skyrocketed.  They would ask people back home to send them their favorite scents as they couldn't purchase on their own.  However, when the internet started, this was a means to an end for that.  

Finding That Perfect Arabic Perfume

However, when I was younger, I found my love for Arabic perfumes.  I was always on the hunt and my friends knew it.  One day I received a phone call from a friend that said something I never thought I would hear.  We quite possibly have an Arabic shop in town that carries Arabic perfume and it was just 5 mins from where I had been staying.  Finally a piece of home.  My friend had noticed this while riding the tram home from work.  We live very close to each other and were equally as excited.  She said that she saw the shop but had not visited it yet.  However, from the decor and sign, it appeared to be the mystical Arabic shop we have been hoping for.  She also said that she saw what she believed were small bottles that could contain perfume in the shops' window.

With the shop being so close, I didn't delay in taking my chances and going there in person.  This shop was one of the best Arabic perfume stores I had ever seen.  

Arabic Scents

Arabic scents are more earthy, rich, and more natural than you find with Western Scents.  They come in a solid form so that you can carry them around in your pocket or purse and apply when you want to.  This little shop was a savior to me back then but I have since moved on and have found purchasing scents online to be quite enjoyable as well.

Not everyone has a perfect Arabic shop in their area.  While the world is certainly becoming more diverse, it still has a way to go.  But, not to worry, you can purchase just about anything online these days, even food that is local to your home.  There is nothing wrong with taking to the internet, should you long for a little piece of home.  From the scent to food, it is all there to order and have delivered right to your door. 

Sample scents are perfect to start with so that you can find the fragrance you are looking for.  Many shops will offer samples for a very good price as well, since they do understand that perfume is about the smell and it is hard to do over a computer monitor.  However, you can sort of gauge what the scent will be based on what the fragrance has in it as well.

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