What Does Arabic Perfume Have, That Western Scents Do Not

What Does Arabic Perfume Have, That Western Scents Do Not

In the modern perfume market, products from Eastern countries are gaining a lot of well-deserved popularity. Arabic oil-based perfumes, and royal fragrances, can today be found in many stores and across the internet. But what makes oud and Arabic perfume more desirable than the Western ones? Moreover, what do Arabic perfumes have that Wester scents do not? We are about to find out.

Oil and Alcohol Base

One of the main and the foremost important differences between Western and Arabic perfumes is their composition and structure. Namely, Western perfumes are famous for possessing a large percentage of alcohol in their structure.

On the other hand, the peculiarity of elite Arabian perfumes is that they were created initially without the use of alcohol. Rich and sensual scents of oriental characters are being created with natural available oils in accordance with the ancient tradition of creating perfumes.

In other words, Arabic perfumes contain natural oils (includes oud wood, spices, amber, musk and more) and known for being far more durable than perfumes with an alcohol base.

There’s no clear line between male and female Arabian oud perfumes

We have already mentioned that Arabic perfumes have many differences in composition from Western perfumes. Another important difference is that there’s no clear label between masculine and feminine fragrances in oud perfumes.

Namely, attar perfumes are made out of rare and very expensive plants whose oils are extracted using different maneuvers and techniques to produce strong, spicy, and oriental scents. That’s why a clear line between female and male oud perfumes does not exist! All of the genders can use all Arabian oud perfumes that will attract people of the opposite gender.

Of course, when it comes to Western perfumes, the separation into two perfume groups (male and female ones) is clearly defined.

Arabian perfumes – scents that last

Above all, Arabic oud perfumes are perfumes that last much longer than ordinary Western ones. Now, the reason for this might be because of the way Arabic perfumes are being applied. Namely, the specialty of using oil perfumes is that they should be applied to damp skin in order to last much longer and to have a much stronger smell. On the other hand, regular Western perfumes are usually being sprayed all over, without paying much attention to the pulsating dots of one’s body nor the skin moisture.

Therefore, attar perfumes are the ones that are able to last much longer and could be smelled in the air even after a couple of hours of application

Final thoughts

As you can see, there are several differences between attar perfumes and Western ones.

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