What Is Arabian Perfume and How Do You Wear It?

What Is Arabian Perfume and How Do You Wear It?

At the mention of the term perfume, images of bottles of Yves Saint Laurent or Paco Rabanne draped in golden cloth and spinning round a platform are usually the first to come up. People tend to approach the world of perfume from the perspective of the Western fashion industry. They have tended to glamorize their perfumes or make them mystical.

The fact that the history of perfume is rarely spoken of would mean that not everyone would know that perfume wasn’t invented by these fashion houses, but is rather an ancient innovation of Mesopotamia, Egypt, and perhaps the Chinese, which is then further refined by the Arabs.

Arabs are known to have played a crucial role in development and commercialization of perfume. This is quite evident through historical works such as the “Book of The Chemistry of Perfumes and Distillations” which was written by a chemist known as Al-Kindi. This would be the coming of age of perfume in the Arab world.

Since then, Arabian perfume has always been distinct when compared to perfumes from other areas. This is probably because of the notes that Arabian perfume is well known for. The most famous, and most widespread of these is oud. This is a woody aroma that can be found all over the Arab world from Turkmenistan to Mozambique. The others include Jasmine, Amber, and Musk.

Though these fragrances in themselves are widespread, it is much easier to come across another type of perfume known as Bukhoor. This is a blend of different fragrances that have been molded into a ball. These are usually burnt for their fragrance in public spaces such as mosques and shopping malls.

How to Wear Arabian Perfume

There is one thing that is unique about Arabic perfume; the concentrations. Unlike perfumes from the West, Arabic perfumes are usually sold in great concentrations. This in turn translates into perfumes that can be quite strong when not used in moderation. Before putting the perfume on your clothes, you should spray first into the air to gauge how powerful it is.

This concentration also means that the fragrance the perfume will give off will last for an easy minimum of eight hours. The more you wear, the longer it will last. If you don’t want to put on too much, you could test it before applying.

The other thing about Arabian perfume is how you wear it, and where you choose to wear it. With other perfumes, wearing it on your clothes is highly recommended, though not a must. With Arabian perfume, it is highly recommended that you wear it on your skin rather than on your clothes. Due to the great concentration, it is better when the fragrance is emanating from your skin as it radiates warmth rather than concentration.

Also, rather than just spraying it on your neck or under the arms, Arabic perfume works best when sprayed on the wrists, behind the knees or behind the ears. You could also apply it on your jewelry for a greater effect.

Like all other perfumes, Arabic perfume should be stored in a cool and dry area. This will allow it to stay fragrant for much longer.

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