Flower Bloom Set I

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This set includes
White Bloom
Pearl Rose Solid Perfume
Pure Jojoba Oil (8 oz)

Amir Oud’s Flower Bloom Set I brings you three items, White Bloom, a long lasting perfume, Pearl Rose, a rose and flora solid perfume, and Jojoba Oil, natural cold-pressed oil moisturizer for skin and hair.

Perfume: Amir Oud’s White Bloom Spray Perfume carries a feminine floral fragrance that has a soft musky twist. The opening features white flowers of Jasmine and Magnolia, which exudes a fresh and lush fragrance.

Solid Perfume: The Pearl Rose Solid Perfume will unleash a perfect mixture of rosy and hinted citrusy scents. The pearl rose is a unique blend of sweet rose, sensual musk, and earthy agarwood.

Natural Body Oil: Moisturize your skin with this Jojoba Oil from Amir Oud Fragrance. Jojoba oil will smooth your skin, hair, and nails. Jojoba Oil is rich in Vitamin E and Vitamin B5 it's fantastic oil, also a great moisturizer and easily absorbed into the skin. It works also as a perfect carrier oil for applying or mixing essential oils.

Buy three fragrance items (perfume + solid perfume + natural oil) and enjoy this exclusive deal.

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This Amir Oud’s Flower Bloom Set I comes with three items, White Bloom, a long lasting Perfume, Pearl Rose, a rose and flora Solid Perfume, and Jojoba Oil, natural cold-pressed oil moisturizer for skin and hair.

Spray Perfume: White Bloom - (Extrait de Parfum) - (100ml - 3.4 fl.oz)

Solid Perfume: Pearl Rose - (Solid Perfume) - 1.0 oz.

Natural Body Oil: Jojoba Oil - (230 ml - 8 fl.oz)

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