Discover the World of Oud

Discover the World of Oud

Amir Oud - House of Royal Fragrance journeys back to the hidden secrets of Eastern perfumery.

Amir Oud expresses the richness and the vitality of oud blends. It takes inspiration from the most treasured olfactory materials in agarwood, incense, sandalwood, amber, and other precious ingredients to create exquisite perfumes that match your style. Amir Oud’s most enchanted fragrance ingredient, agarwood, creates an evocative blend of spirituality and sensuality. Oud holds the mysticism of exotic Eastern traditions.

What is Oud?

“Oud” is the Arabic name for the aromatic resinous wood log and considered to be one of the most precious raw ingredients used in perfumes and oil blends in the world. It is also known as oodh, oudh, or by its Arabic name,عود. Oud oil is driven from the wood bark of the mystical Agarwood Tree. 

When we talk about oud and scent, however, we are not talking about the wood itself, but its resin. The resin is extracted and undergoes a prolonged process that results in a sweet, complex, and musky aroma that has been used throughout history to make incense and other scent products.

Our handcrafted fragrances not only give you beautiful scents, but also convey experiences and emotions that are associated with nature. When Oud is used in a perfume composition, it is used most often as a bottom or base note, which usually resides on the skin long after the other ingredients evaporate.

We believe we offer a timeless aromatic experience and we strive to make it readily accessible for you. We plan on influencing a lifestyle of revitalization that is closely tied to nature.

✔️ Hand-crafted ✔️ Rich Ingredients ✔️Long-Lasting ✔️Natural-Based

Amir Oud Perfume Sample Kit

Explore the varieties of scents and discover the perfumes that complement your style. These 3ml bottles are easily transferable and accessible in your day-to-day life.

Sample Perfume Vials 3 ml

At Amir Oud Fragrance, we make our perfumes with the best concentration ratio of oud blends to produce the Extrait de Parfum fragrances we are known for. Our perfumes are is composed of the concentration (20%-30%) of perfume oil. Since Oud forms the perfume’s foundation, the base notes are considered very rich, heavy, and long-lasting, which usually remains for more than 6 hours.

Amir Oud Oil Blends Sample Kit

Getting the oil blends sample kit will give you the option to try 5 different fragrances that suits your style. We are offering a sample kit for each of our oil blends categories. Make your own sample kit by selecting 5 different fragrances from our Royal, Premium, Musk, and Flora and enjoy your enchanted experience.

Oil Blends

Amir Oud’s oil blends collection offers a vast range of classic, woody, masculine, and flora mixture with traditional oud oil fragrances that are unique, sophisticated, and modern. If you prefer an alcohol-free fragrance, this oil blends sample kit will be the best alternative from the traditional Spray Perfumes.

Enter the world of Oud perfumery!

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