Best Cultural Artisan Perfumery - North Texas

Award Badge - Luxlife to Amir Oud Fragrance

Amir Oud Fragrance,

After many weeks of deliberation, the results are finally in for the2020 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards! 

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that this year, Amir Oud Fragrance has been awarded:

Best Cultural Artisan Perfumery - North Texas

I really hope that you are pleased with this news, as it represents all of your dedication and hard work paying off! It has been a pleasure having you in the process so far and we hope that we can continue to work with you following this excellent news. 

How was Amir Oud Fragrance chosen? 

Our merit led process to establish winners' spanned over three months as our research team carefully gathered and analysed information from the public domain including; client/ customer testimonials, product ranges, treatments and formulations. Your submission of supporting information was also carefully considered and compared to the findings of our research team in order to establish your company as one of the very best that the $4.2 trillion Health, Beauty & Wellness industry has to offer. 





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