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Premium Oil Blends Sample Kit (5 x 1ml)

Premium Blends

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Amir Oud’s Premium blends collection offers a vast range of classic, woody, masculine and flora mixture with traditional oud oil fragrances that are unique, sophisticated, and modern.

Amir Oud oil blends stem from natural agarwood into a aromatic oil-based fragrance. Our oil blends are an Eastern mixture of spices that has Western touches.

The fragrance of Oud can be described as warm and woody. The scent will fill you with a great amount of need to find out the strong culture behind this exotic odor. Unsurprisingly, it comes with multifarious scents. Some are heavy and smokey, while others are fresh and sweet with a hint of curiosity.

Those who surround their aura with the Oud smell become attractive and stimulating while dispersing the energy of grace within the minds of people.

Have Amir Oud's Premium Extrait oil blends now by choosing your 5 oil samples with this sample kit and enjoy their enchanting fragrance all day long.

Each premium oil blend sample vial is (1 ml). Select your own combination of five oil blends scents in this valuable oil sample kit.

  • Azziz Oud:
    Spicey, musky and rosey scents, earthy, incense smell
  • Black Oud:
    Woody, rosey scent, spicy-sweet notes
  • Cambodian Black:
    A powerful and strongest woody scent, earthy, masculine scent, the richest and purest forms of oud
  • Cashmere Moon:
    citrus, flora, powdery aromas, woody
    “Softly Luxurious”
  • Combodian Oud:
    woody earthy, strong oud
    “The Native”
  • Dehn Oud Special:
    Woody, the sharpness of scent and masculinity
    “ Strong and Woody "
  • Fajr Oud:
    citrus and fruity, musky, woody, a fresh scent, warm spice note with agarwood
    “Calming and Cleanliness "
  • Honey Oud:
    A sweet and light oil, blend of honey with exquisite vanilla fragrance, warm and smooth spices. sweet velvety honey, earthy
    “The Warm and Sensual Note”
  • Indian Oud Blend:
    Powerful woody aroma, indian oud
    “The Wild”
  • Isfahan Oud:
    exotic oriental notes, floral and woody, with a hint of rose scent
  • Oud Roots:
    A special oud that combines scents of earthiness and sweetness, sweet caramel, woody
    “Alluring Sweetness with Impeccable Woodsiness”
  • Saffron Oud:
    warm saffron, woody
    “Aromatic Gold”
  • Shay Oud:
    strong top note of Frankincense, sweet balsamic fragrance of honey, sweet pepper, a hint of agarwood
    “Soft Sweetness”
  • Sultan Oud:
    warm oud, woody, and dry notes of agarwood, citrus
    “Masculine & Distinctive”
  • Wafi Oud:
    warm amber and agarwood which gives a depth in its aroma, florals, woody
  • White Oud:
    A soft touch of floral, spicy scent, gentle oud, delicate

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Premium - Colored Oil Blends Vial 1 ml with background
Premium Oil Blends Sample Kit (5 x 1ml)

In stock


    Dive into the sensational and diverse Amir Oud’s premium oil blends sample kit & discover feminine and masculine perfume oils that match your style.

    Explore the varieties of scents, and create your own personalized oil blends wardrobe. This will help you pick the scent that you like the most when you purchse the full size fragrance bottle.

    Make your premium oil blends sample kit by selecting 5 perfume oils to complete your collection. Each oil blend vial is (1 ml) and comes with an applicator stick.

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    Blend TypePremium Blends
    Fragrance FormFragrance Oil
    Tola CapacitySamples (5 x 1ml)
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