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Solid Perfumes Sample Kit (5 x 3g)

Sample Kit (5 x 3g)

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Amir Oud’s Solid Perfume Sample Kit offers a vast range of classic, woody, masculine and flora mixture, making fragrances that are unique, sophisticated, and modern.

The fragrance of Oud can be described as warm and woody. When applied as Solid Perfume, it will last longer on the skin. The scent will fill you with a great amount of need to find out the strong culture behind this exotic scent. Unsurprisingly, it comes with multifarious scents. Some are heavy and smokey, while others are fresh and sweet with a hint of curiosity.

Those who surround their aura with the Oud smell become attractive and stimulating while dispersing the energy of grace within the minds of people.

Have Amir Oud's Solid Perfume samples now by choosing your 5 scents / samples with this sample kit and enjoy their enchanting fragrance all day long.

Each Solid Perfume sample is around (3g | 0.1oz). Select your own combination of five Solid Perfume scents in this valuable sample kit.

  • Black Oud Solid Perfume:
    The woodsy base of Agarwood meets the mysterious rose and musk, sweet notes, floral exotic scent ."Authentic"
    “Bursting Floral”
  • Black Stone Solid Perfume:
    A woody animalic fragrance, peculiarly overpowering, that evokes a deep feeling of ancient times. Oriental, a hint of floral overtones with a mixture of jasmine and musk. “Over Powerful, Sacred”.
    “Mystery and Sensuality”
  • Boutique (Sweet Musk) Solid Perfume:
    A sweet fragrance, soft aroma, full of roses, violets, iris, and woods, brings a hint of vanilla and amber ." Fabulous Sweet Flora”
    "Sweet Delight”
  • Cablion Solid Perfume:
    A slight of fruity, floral scent, citrus, lightly mixed in the base with musk and sandalwood radiates an aura that is inspiring and sensual. "A Gate of Fragrant Flowers"
    “Ancient and Irresistible”
  • Glamour Solid Perfume:
    Truly captures the essence of a floral garden in bloom, sweet with a hint of fruity notes. "Captivating"
    “Elegant Floral“
  • Malaki Wood Solid Perfume:
    A rich woody aroma, citrus at the top of the composition, spices notes, warm amber with musk. “Precious”
    “Floral Symphony”
  • Oud Roots Solid Perfume:
    A true earthy note, a sweet caramel scent, agarwood unique solid perfume ."Alluring Sweetness with Impeccable Woodsiness"
    “Blend enriches your olfactory senses “
  • Passion Oud Solid Perfume:
    fresh and lively note, a hint of floral, citrus, oriental impression with a slight overpowering woody note of Agarwood and guaiac wood "Majestic and Sublime"
    "Deep Spiciness and Sweetness”
  • Pearl Rose Solid:
    A creamy and lightness, softness and purity of pearls, a perfect mixture of rosy and hinted with a citrusy scent. a unique blend of sweet rose, musk, and earthy agarwood, airy rose fragrance. .“ Sweet and Soft”
  • Royal Gold Solid Perfume:
    Woody and spicy aura that vibrates with vanilla and amber to throw a royal redolence when the scent dries down. Opens with a citrusy oriental melody. "Opulence"
    “A Gate of Fragrant Flowers”
  • Saffron Oud Solid Perfume:
    A warmness and spiciness of Saffron with a woody aromatic fragrance and mixture of Agarwood to create a perfect woody aroma. “Aromatic Gold”
    “Sweet, Warm and Rich”

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Solid perfume small jar
Solid Perfumes Sample Kit (5 x 3g)

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