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White Crystal Musk (Misk Tahara)

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White Musk blend is a thick and creamy fragrance that offers a rose scent for men and women.

White Musk sweet fragrance of sensuous musk and bouquet of roses. It indulges into the skin with every use, making it much more luxurious than other known Musks. Its Arabic name which is called "Al-Tahara" means purity and clarity the meaning denotes the Musk's cleanliness and pure smell which is found only due to its magnificent properties. The top note opens with the sensual and soft luxurious Taif rose, a mystical rose that has an impeccable rosy scent. Then it blends evenly vanilla and honey in the heart to give a slight sweetness. The musky base gives a clean dry-down.

Endure the aroma of the White Crystal Musk blend to embrace feelings of purity and magnificence.

“Purity and Devotion”

White Lotus
White Lotus
Jasmine Image
Musk Image
Sandalwood Image
Vanilla Image

Top Notes: Taif Rose, White Lotus.

Middle Notes: Vanilla Flower, Honey, Jasmine.

Base Notes: Musk, Sandalwood.

More Information
Blend Type Musk Blends
Fragrance Form Fragrance Oil
User Type (M, W, U) Unisex
Oil Color White
Fragrance Notes Floral
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