Amir Castle Incense Bakhoor (1.2 oz)

1.2 oz

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Amir Oud’s Castle Incense is a charming incense that releases a calming effect when ignited. The Castle Incense is sophisticated with sunny, vibrant energy. This incense excites the senses with a bright elegance and whimsical charm. It inspires boldness sweetness and unpredictability. Amir Castle Incense is an aromatic burst of a unique and enticing mix of flowers, spices, and oud scent that will transport you to a luxury world of aroma.

Spark the Amir Castle Incense to smell the fabulous aromas.

This scented fume is used in many events such as:

  • Weddings
  • Religious ceremonies
  • Special gatherings
  • Perfuming clothes and/or hair
  • Welcoming special guests
  • Perfuming the house
  • To boost positive energy

To use Amir Oud’s Bakhoor Wood Chips:

  1. Place the charcoal disc in the mabkhara (Incense burner)
  2. Apply flame (matchstick or lighter) to the disc until you see sparks traversing the coal
  3. After a while, the disc will form some gray soot like ash over the top indicating it is hot and ready
  4. Now you can place a piece of bakhoor on top of the disc with tongs and experience your exotic bakhoor fragrance
  5. Use a little for lighter fragrance and less smoke
  6. Enjoy the Fabulous smell that comes out. Use to refresh home or before guest arrival
  7. Allow the charcoal to completely cool down for disposing of the ashtray
More Information
Fragrance NotesFruity, Oud
Size1.2 oz
Incense TypeFine Wood Chips
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