Best Scented Hair & Body Mists (1/2)

Best Scented Hair & Body Mists (1/2)

Hair & Body mists have always been widely used during summer seasons. And, since this year’s summer season just started, you might need to think of purchasing a new bottle of mist with an exotic smell.

In addition to a discreet scent, hair and body mists provide care and refreshment. They are usually enriched with vitamins, as well as other nutrients beneficial for dehydrated skin. All of this makes them very desirable during the summer.

We are proud to present you our new collection of the Amir Oud hair and body mist line. This collection consists of eight differently scented spray products. Today, we will be presenting you with the first four scents: The White Oud , Jasmine, Rose Oud Vanilla, and Fruity.

White Oud - Hair & Body Mist

This mist is specially made for ladies who love to show off their sensuality. Namely, the spicy scent combined with a dash of floral smell form together a wonderful fragrance that will last for hours. Soft sandalwood, Damascus rose, Agarwood , and patchouli bring out the elegance in this mist.

It’s needless to say that White Oud is only for those bold women who are not afraid to be in the center of attention and seduce others with their scent.

Jasmine - Hair & Body Mist

Unlike White Out, our Jasmine mist is an exotic yet classical floral fragrance. It’s made for more romantic occasions since the scent is soft and gentle

Dreamy Jasmine is one of the world’s most unrealistic flowers with a magnificent scent, which increases love and romance. It’s known to be a true aphrodisiac- it will awaken all of your senses and make you feel like you are floating in the air.

Rose Oud Vanilla - Hair & Body Mist

If elegance is what you adore, then the Rose Out Vanilla mist will be the perfect fit for you. When rose, vanilla , and Oud combine together , they form a passionate, astonishing smell, full of elegance and softness.

These delicate notes bring out femininity and will certainly turn the heads of anyone affected by the fragrance. A dash of woody smell will feel the air with an emotional vibration that lasts.

Fruity - Hair & Body Mist

Unlike all previous hair and body mists, this Fruity one is refreshing, and joyful. One of its main ingredients, the sunny orange blossom, is known to bring out happiness and serenity. On the other hand, the Italian bergamot and sparkling Lime, are there to give this fragrance an edge.

Fruity Hair & Body mist is perfect for sophisticated women who love to feel refreshed, subtle, and kind.

How to Use Hair and Body Mist

As a rule, body mist is milder, airier, and lighter than a basic perfume. You can apply them several times a day on the whole body, clothes, and hair. Hold the bottle little bit far away around 6"-12" and spray evenly. Do not spray

Tips for using body & hair mists

Try to apply the hair & body spray immediately after showering- remove the rest of the water with a towel. While the pores are still open, spray your favorite hair & body mist from our collection all over your body.

It’s best to spray the mist from a greater distance. The fragrant drops will be evenly spread over a larger area.

Wear them all year

Scented hair & body mist often comes as salvation during hot summer days. But, remember that you don’t have to limit its use to just one season. Due to the discreet scent, these body fragrances can be your best choice throughout the year!

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