The Best Scented Incense Bakhoor to Make a Great Atmosphere (2/2)

The Best Scented Incense Bakhoor to Make a Great Atmosphere (2/2)

Our senses are the only way we can experience elegant, exotic scents and pleasures. Incense Bakhoor chips are products that a re able to intrigue your senses and fill you with the peace and comfort you need and desire.

In one of our previous posts , we have shared our top three best- scented Incense Bakhoor chips. Today, we would love to present you with the rest of our Incense Bakhoor products that will surely make a great atmosphere.

Our popular Incense Bakhoor

1- Amir Black Oud Incense Bakhoor

One of our customers’ preferred bakhoor is the Amir Black Oud one. This is a classical scent that is able to awaken all of your senses with the heavy earthy and woody scent. You will probably notice that the Black Oud Bakhoor gives off masculine energy , which is dazzled with just a dash of floral sensuality.

The top note of these chips is labdanum. Labdanum , combined with the sweet patchouli , is set to give you the much- needed romantic vibe.

2- Amir Vanilla & Oud Incense Bakhoor

If you are a fan of sweeter scents, then the vanilla and agarwood chips will probably be the best choice for you. Once they have been light , these bakhoor chips will fill the air with a warm, sweet vanilla aroma. As time passes by, your sweet paradise will blend out with the exquisite Oud scent and form a very exotic fragrance.

These chips are perfect for anyone who is not a fan of hard, wooden smells since vanilla & oud are complete the opposite.

3- Amir Castle Incense Bakhoor

Lastly, our Amir Castle Incense Bakhoor is there to turn down the fiery atmosphere, making it calm. Amir Castle Bakhoor chips imitate a certain happy, calming, and positive energy. Unlike the previous chips we have shown you, this one’s scent is able to charm you, make you loosen up all your senses, and possibly put you to sleep.

The fragrance of mixed flowers, spices, and Oud will certainly make you feel like you are floating on a cloud.

Benefits of burning Incense Bakhoor:

As with any other scent or fragrance, Bakhoor is known for having many benefits on health and one’s mind. One of the main benefits of burning these chips is the relaxation effect it has . Soft, exotic fragrances will relax both your body and mind making you feel calm, stress-free , and relaxed.

Incense Bakhoor chips as a way to calm your nerves

The effect our Incense Bakhoor chips could have on you is amazing. Our customers love the calming sensation that fulfills their bodies as the fragrance of burning bakhoor chips slowly enters their bodies.

Not only will our bakhoor chips make the atmosphere in your room a lot more pleasant, but these chips will also have positive benefits on your health and mind.

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