Why Finding Your Fragrance Will Make You Feel Better

Why Finding Your Fragrance Will Make You Feel Better

When you find the right fragrance it can give you more confidence when meeting new people.  It is something that many apply on their way out the door.  This will eventually become a routine that they don't always think about.  However, without that scent, the confidence is off and you seem a little more anxious and nervous while out.  You soon realize that you are wearing the scent for you and not always for the other person.  It is the polish that you put on top to complete your outfit.  

During the lockdowns, there has never been a time that is more obvious that the scent is in fact for me and not the other people.  I would get online to speak in front of a group, which really isn't much different than speaking on stage.  I needed my scent to complete my outfit and tell my brain it's showtime.   While in lockdown I learned a lot about the different scents that I own as well.  The scents were of different types for the various things I would be doing that day.  In fact, I sort of built what I like to call a fragrance wardrobe. 

Building a Fragrance Wardrobe

This idea of a fragrance wardrobe may have never come about if I didn't have so much time to myself and my scents.  You see, this is very different from having a signature scent.  Like the clothing in our closets, our fragrances should be vast as well. However, when I looked at the scents that I had collected I noticed that many of them are not of my choosing.  This is probably the case for many of us.  People like to give scents as gifts.  This is a wonderful concept, however, purchasing a scent for someone else, leads to a lot of bottles that will never be used.  I can't be the only one.  They tend to purchase something that they like but I don't.  

Did you know that your ability to smell is the oldest of all of our scents?  Scent is something that is hard-wired in our brain.  It is the first of our senses that develops in the womb.  Our eyes contain only 4 light sensors but our noses have over 1000 smell receptors.  That makes it very powerful to us and our brains.  

During the lockdown, it was a perfect time to go over the various scents that I had and determine what each one of them that I liked had in common.  While some people like the light and airy scents, others prefer the woods and rich scents.  This is entirely up to you, there isn't a right or wrong reason.  However, I found that I leaned towards the earthly scents that would bring me that calming effect and give me the confidence I was looking for. Determining what you like, helps you find more scents similar that you might like as well and helps you build up your fragrance wardrobe.

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