Frankincense | The Luban Bakhoor

Frankincense | The Luban Bakhoor

The Luban Bakhoor, also called “Frankincense Seeds Incense”

Incense, in general, has been known since ancient times as a relaxing psychological treatment and a stress reliever. From the various types of incense, we will briefly introduce you to the benefits of frankincense incense, which is not only known for its fragrant smell, but also for its multiple health benefits for the mind and the body.

Frankincense has been closely intertwined with humanity throughout history. Frankincense was, and still, used medicinally in the Eastern part of the world for thousands of years. Lately, experts have started to examine it and found that incensole acetate, one of the many molecules behind its distinctive odor, in particular, has some unique and interesting properties.

Luban Incense Burner

What is Frankincense Incense

Frankincense is an aromatic resin extracted from special trees and used in incense and perfumes because it has an earthy & uplifting aroma along with many benefits. It is named after the male frankincense tree, which grows in many regions around the world, especially those areas with hot temperatures. This tree is where the"bitter" frankincense is extracted from as sugar-colored resins. Frankincense is extracted two to three times annually from the kinder / cinder tree, frankincense tree, or lactic tree.

Frankincense has been mentioned in folk medicine recipes as a substance with enormous benefits. It has various uses, and for a long time, it has been used as chewing gum and as an incense mainly, because it creates a pleasant aroma.

The world's finest frankincense is extracted from frankincense trees from the Dhofar Oman and Hadramaut Yemen, but the frankincense tree spreads to the rest of the Arabian Peninsula, Northern Somalia, Ethiopia, and also Iraq. Frankincense spread since the time of the trade of ancient civilizations in Yemen such as the Kingdom of Hadhramaut which was known in the past as the Kingdom of frankincense and incense.

Luban on Charcoal - The heat produce fumes.

The uses of Frankincense as an Incense

Frankincense Incense has many applications and uses. The most rewarding ways to use it are:

As a home fragrance 

To make your place smell amazing all the time, the frankincense incense adds a pleasant and an attractive aromatic smell to the atmosphere, thus, saving you from after cooking smell or unpleasant moisture odors. and any undesirable smell at home, thanks to its strong and refreshing scent that lasts for long periods of time.

To eliminate insects

The smell of frankincense at home may help you a lot to eliminate annoying insects, as insects cannot tolerate the fumes of Frankincense incense smell.

Health Benefits of Frankincense Seeds Incense

Luban gum pieces Relieve Chest Discomfort

It has been claimed that the aroma of frankincense incense reduces the severity of coughs, colds and chest diseases, in addition to fighting respiratory diseases, especially asthma.

Strengthening the Immune System

Male frankincense incense contributes to stimulating the action of white blood cells, thereby strengthening the body's immune system, and enhancing the body's ability to resist various diseases.

Improving mood

The aroma from frankincense incense gives positive energy and a sense of vigor, vitality and psychological calm, and thus easing various neurological and psychological diseases.

How to Use Frankincense:

Burning Luban Gum as an incense

Frankincense incense can be easily prepared to take advantage of the benefits we mentioned earlier. Bring frankincense resin, where they are small white grains.

Put frankincense on gas burning or lit charcoal to heat up the Frankincense and burn it slowly. This would bring out the incense fumes which carries the aromatic scent.

Therefore, you can fume the house daily while ventilating the house sufficiently to purify it and achieve maximum effects and benefits.

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We have three types of Frankincense that is suitable for burning:

So the next time you receive frankincense as a gift, or catch its residual odor after a ceremony, remember there is a lot more behind this extraordinary resin.

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